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      The inspiration for SKiVYS Femme came to me the night of a 10-year old slumber party with my son and friends. Two sick kids and one nightmare meant racing to put on a bra multiple times in the night.

      Over pancake-flipping in the morning (once again, in full bra), I wracked my brain for a better sleepwear solution that offered support but was still cozy and beautiful. After much Internet searching, it became clear that no such solution existed. 

      And so, the idea for SKiVYS was born. I set out to create a line of sleepwear that could take a girl from happy hour with her friends, through a perfect night’s sleep and into her morning routine—all while feeling amazing, and without needing to deal with a bra.  

      I am thrilled to bring SKiVYS to your world and help you feel your most comfortable and confident. Your SKiVYS will support you when and where you need it the most, day or night.

      XO Kelly Degnan, Founder